Photos & Story by Sally Jean Wegert

here is something so beautiful and mysterious about plants,” said Taylor Mill senior Eva Ross. “I find them relatable to us. They tell us how we go through seasons of change, of life and death.”

Ross studied horticulture at WKU and spent a considerable amount of time with her hands in the soil. Her fingertips not only nurtured young plant life, but also produced a multitude of melodies from the strumming of guitar strings. Ross, an aspiring solo musician, played a variety of venues — from living rooms to coffee shops — to share the sounds she concocted throughout her career as a songwriter.

In the spring of 2015, Ross performed at the Red Gorilla Music Festival just outside of the massive South by Southwest Festival. The festival was the first that Cage the Elephant, another Bowling Green music act, performed at during its rise to fame.

Back on campus, Ross was a part of the Horticulture Club. Its members worked to plant and sell flowers all over the Hill.

“I love plants and I feel like it’s important to take care of them because they give us life,” she said.